quinta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2013

Everything we know

I imagine I can hear their voices calling me

You never cared for anyone (anyone)
You never cared for anyone (at all)
"New York are on the 'phone
They want you here today"
"Was it a fashion show ?"
"Sorry they wouldn't say"

Baby you don't have to lie

He looked to me like a shadow

No I won't give you reasons so don't ask why

But I just can't get enough

Chaos at the airport tonight, something ain' t right

That's the truth I swear to you

Before the night is through now C'mon c'mon c'mon

But then it turned around

But then... Lovers...

Start over with every chance I will be there

(Out there) I know that he's waiting for me (Somewhere)

I don't like what I feel

There's a forest, a beautiful place

Well here I'm going

Wrap your fingers 'round my neck

I never thought it could happen

Always the sound in my brain

There out tonight, there's trouble down in action city

But the moment you're here everything's right