domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2013

I just can't help the way that I'm feeling
Nothing's as good as you

So many different ways to misbehave
Let's play it from the start
And pause before we part
We'll lay it down again

Things will be constrained

Over you're an explosion

He said:
Why don't you cry

You say if you had the chance, your hands would be all over me
Just like a glove

They say hey sexy

Sometimes life it drags you down
And plays you like a fool

My tears will dry

But sometimes
I just can't
I just don't understand
Drip by drip
I'll take it all

Oh don't you know that
You're a part of my heart

You be beware
You be beware now
You be beware
Nearly lost control

As sweet as love
'Coz nothing ain't serious

I know everything changes
Im scared and im alone
Gimme something in my coffee