domingo, 11 de março de 2012

Word Problems
Waking Up From The American Dream
Your special effects are washing away...
Try Again
Try Again
Try Again
i need a miracle
its more than physical
what i need to feel from you
Sometimes I Fail
"Sometimes things get complicated"

I can be your new favorite waste of time, and you'll be mine

So There I Was

Right This Second
Ripping my heart was so easy, so easy
Not Alone
Move for me, I'll move for you
If you are so frequently in love
Lack Of a Better Name
i remember x8

I Forget

Are you receiving?
Can you feel me?
Whatcha doin'?
Who ya screwin'?
Whatcha drinkin?
Whatcha thinkin'?
(Hey, baby!)
Say my name
Play your game
Wanna do me?
Wanna screw me?
I'm your pet
Make me wet

Everything Before

Edit your friends
Every single one
I'm the last one left
That you still haven't done

You're weak and you're gullible, and I don't care
You're a walking disaster, and I don't care
You cry yourself to sleep, and I don't care
You're wasting our time, and I don't care
Bored Of Canada
My lips, My hips,
My ass, My class,
My face, My place,
My rocks, Botox,
My nails, My tan,
My million dollar man.
Bad selection

I'm the one with velvet lips
I'm the one with perfect hips
I'm the one with big brown eyes
I'm the one that sees your lies
I'm the one with nonstop legs
I'm the one who never begs
I'm the one that spins the decks
I'm the one who gives the sex

I'm the one you're looking for
Cuz I'm a big attention whore
Animal Rights

Alone With You