domingo, 18 de novembro de 2012

You think that I will change
But you know that will never be
I'm just that way and that's just me

He says, "please don't be sad for me"
Now that you got it
What you gon' do about it

Can u tell I'm faking it?
But i want to be myself
Tu es si jolie, c'est pas possible
C'est jamais assez
C'est jamais possible pour me faire plein, tous les choses
Tu me fais sentir
C'est parfait je suis bien avec toiu
Je suis bien
C'est pas possible cet amour
C'est incroyable
Tu me fais transpirer
C'est parfait

We've got a long way to go

Drop your glasses, shake your asses
Are you happy now?
How is it now?
Are you happy now?
Are you happy?

What is wrong? Everything!
You see in the past I had a dream
A fantasy

Oh, i can't believe that you're still around

Don't get clever
You don't have to be a famous person
I can't imagine how hard it must be, to be you
Back it up, back it up
You got it, you got it

I started out on the wrong foot
Now i'm not myself
I'm closing all the curtains

Can I have it like that?
(You got it like that)
How sick is this
How sick is this
You're my concentration
Everything else is a bore

I better get back on my diet