sexta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2013

Just another night, it's all that it takes to understand
The difference between lovers and fakes

Trust me
Bring me the chair
With the beat of your heart
Waiting on my feelings yeah yeah
Watcha gonna do for me
Won't you come along and...

Hot temptation

Open your eyes, till the dawn's up and over

I can't keep insisting 'cause I'm going too far
And love, love is just a passing word

We're livin' by this inspiration
Hold on, you'd better step my way

Our voices will ring forever, as one.

Fall into my love, baby...
But I'll feel it forever, no sound's in my life

And the reason for my confession is that I learned
my lesson
Right up to me
Why don't you try it on for size
Back it up

Saving all good memories
It´s more, much more than I should

I got it, you got it...