sábado, 6 de março de 2010

Just an Angel.

silent night

should stop breaking mens hearts.....it hurts

How can you mend a broken heart?

If I was Gay..I would.....god given talent


he hasn't had one this decade yet

he'd better get a move on!

breaks is dead

i love this

Don't Call Me A Devil Woman

Barra de chocolate

Summer 2009

perfect, even better than original 4 me :)

oh bad!!! both melodies didn't work together!!

"Ma quale idea"

This is 100% pure

well I've heard better soundz coming owta ma bottom!

Don't Call Me Baby

a lot of sex appeal!


his is a mad fucken

"Glass of water incident"

PS, I loved the burp at the end

god its here lOl.

Taste You

Yes :D

Wow id never even seen this

I Don't Do Nice

LOL i actually own

looks sick probably all the grog and drugs!!

is terrible

I've Got Your Number

If you like this

Slut Seduces