sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

I always take time out to think about you when I should be working.

I love my man
When he's good or mean
Don't misunderstand me
I never fool around
You got me on my knees
Won't you please let me lay you down

I may not be your kind of man
I may not be your style
All I wanna do is just love you for a little while

Doesn't matter where we are
It doesn't matter who's around
It don't matter, just wanna lay you down
There's something about you, baby
It happens all the time
Whenever I'm around you, baby
I get a dirty mind

I need my chocolate wings
To fly up to your stars
Give me my chocolate wings
Or our love won't go too far, go too far...
Bewitched as i am by you

As you fall
You make no sound
As you fall
Wish for a place where you want to be

Day began just like another ordinary day
And in an ordinary way
I watched you hurry by
You look so shy

Just before I go to sleep
There's a rendez-vous I keep
And, my darling, till we do
You are always in my heart.

"Oh, he doesn't, he doesn't understand
I don't need riches to make me care;
Just a ribbon for my hair..."

What'cha Gonna Do for Me
Real Love
This works. Thank You!
Looking For A New Love
This is so sick !!! just love it


can i use it for my intro?
Don't say lazy