domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Don't Worry
So long ago he said he love me
So long ago he left me for another
My Momma told me that I was pretty
That I would find me someone to love me

He didn't even know my pain
And all is fair in the game
He didn't even know my name
Why he could barely speak
Don't You Love Me

I'm gonna tell you a little story

We'll see how high we both can reach

On the floor by the door of her house
(Happy, so happy)
(So happy)

Come with me
We can go
And if you like this, you can follow me
So let's go
I'm leaving for a destination I still don't know

You'll never go out on your own
In me you will find a home

100 % Pure Love
You call my name again, no it's not a sin

I'm gonna be there til the end
I'm taking your heart, so don't you fight
It's 12 past midnight, don't close your eyes

Le Bump
No Body Deluxe
guys please check out

I love it!
fuck you must be a smart one

you're also a nobber