sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

Let me tell you something, you are listening to nothing!

I'm just trying to get away

We're not gonna change the world
We're gonna rock it
Don't waste another day, you know why you came for
Don't waste another day, you know why you're here for

C'est la vie!
I'm getting real closer, closer, I'm burning for your love.

I could be your boy
and you could be mine

How do you know the world? It's smaller than a pearl.
From an overdose
Happiness and loneliness

You like
You like what you like
All I got is a machine
Tonight, I'm feelin' like Michael in Thriller
Drunk as a skunk, catch too much to Killah
Step forward

I've been dreaming about
How do you see me now

How many risks you're runnig for
Life is just like a dream
You don't have to ??? no more

I love you so, but why i love you i never know

First your living was so simple

Let me tell you something you don't know.
Rushing over me
Rushing over me
Rushing over me

I need to feel the music of your soul
Are you out there real
Help me 'cause i'm losing