quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

Hot summer streets

And the pavements are burning,

I sit around

Trying to smile

But the air is so heavy and dry

Although he was bold

My heart he stole

He walked me to my door

I agreed to see him once more

Lady like it may not be yeah

But he moved me tremendously

My heart started thumpin'

Blood pressure jumpin'

He flirted every step of the way

I could hear every word he'd say

My resistance was getting low

And my feelings started to show

With his collar unbuttononed

On my side he was struttin'

He was really saying something

Really saying something

I was walking down the street

When this boy started following me

Now I ignored all the things he said

He moved me in every way

There's a lesson

And a price you have to pay

If you give your heart

Dont let it be betrayed

Maybe everyone's a stranger

I watch them come and go

But I think everyone's in danger

If they let their feelings show

What a fool

That I should ever believe

In love, truth and honesty

All the time

You just keep on hurting me

I never questioned

The promises you made

Every time I gave my heart

I was betrayed

Never trust your own emotions

They'll always let you down

And the one that's closest to you

May not always be around

This room is full of memories

And shadows of the past remind me

Of all the love I gave in vain

And all the hurt I feel inside me.

If I can make you see

Only you can fill the need in me

If you walk away you'll regret it someday

Please stay!

I want you back

Don't care what I have to do

I want you back

I want you back

Gotta get it through to you

I want you back

How could you go?

We had a love most people never know

Stop! Before you break my heart

Como gostas de ver um homem vestido?

De Fato
9 (17%)

De Fato de Treino
2 (3%)

De T shirt e calças
6 (11%)

De uniforme
7 (13%)

Não me importa
6 (11%)

De qualquer maneira, pois o meu interesse é despi-lo logo a seguir
21 (41%)

Concordo com a maioria, mas um homem bem vestidinho e lavadinho dá nas vistas (e não é pugilista...)