domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

Don't you wanna come to my room,
Come back and check out the view
You're legal - right? you got id?
Unzip me. unzip me. unzip me. unzip me. unzip me.

Makin' steam where there used to jeans
Can i get permission

Don't you wanna unzip those pants

Drop it. drop it. lift it lift it.

Drop it. grab it. jerk it.
Unzip me.
Let's make the sweat drip on el piso majado.

I like a big umbrella on my pina colada

Stuff your empinada

Explodin' my torpedo
Blowin' up my libido

Take me to your mama's for dinner
Relax take it easy
check it when you see me

sometimes I get low sometimes I get high

I can test out my luck
you can play on my team

I'll whip out my Drumstick
that will make your eyes gleam
lick it up quick - before it melts on the floor

Meet me at the ice cream truck

I Seen Beyoncé At Burger King
I got a monkey in my pants, watch how it grows
Got a porno movie settin' on my brain