terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009

It’s time to be honest about it
Mostly to myself
I am just trying to find out the truth
About it
About me.

Thank you for your time.

I'm forever hiding in secrecy
the feelings lurking inside of my head.
For if they knew, no-one would let me be
the person I want to be. If I said
that they would accept me, I'd be lying.
They cannot see how I do what I do.
So they shout abuse and leave me crying
myself to sleep. But in dreams I go to
a place where I'm free to be as I please,
and where all the things I want, I have got.
And where my acceptance comes with an ease
that's only possible in dreams. I'm not
fighting for justice or equality.
I'm just fighting for the right to be me.

Imagine these words Without me

Imagine the ballet Without the Nutcracker Suite

Imagine the Louvre Without the Mona Lisa

"People feel profoundly that

homosexuality is not equal.

It is, I'm afraid

Gross and unnatural

"And if he were right, I'd agree...

"To say to children that

there are alternatives in life

which are equally validis not right.

"And if she were right, I'd agree...

The day will come when I shall be free
When I'll step outside and at last can be me.

I'll cast off my chains and throw them to the ground
And scream for joy, without making a sound.

And no-one will notice as I run naked through the street
The hour has come, there'll be no more defeat.

And everyone shall wake, not realising they've slept
They'll say they've dried my eyes, not knowing how I've wept.

Equality has arrived and justice is supreme.
I am free. I am free. I am free.
I am free. I'm free ...

... I wake.

So now that you've explored me
and we've exchanged informal chat
Now what?
What happens now?
I leave.

Now that you've got what you wanted
and you've got your life to lead.
It's now what I expected
and I think I'd better leave
Now what?


Now that it's morning
and I can see you clearly.
Now that it's morning
and you can see me clearly
Now what?

Now that we've kissed
and we've said a few words
Now what?

It's the differences which unite us
Imperfections make us whole
The end is now beginning
But the truth I still don't know.

Now he's gone as well
and I'm back where I started
I'll keep a brave face
but I'm sorry that we've parted.

And then he came along
and turned it all around
Something quite fantastic
and wonderful I'd found

A few one night stands
and best friends just for luck
I start to feel a victim
when I shouldn't give a fuck

And next an older man
came to show me what to do
Who'd have thought that now
I'd teach him a trick or two?

First there was the boy
but he seemed like a man
older and bolder
the big 'I am'

"I'll always be with you, forever and ever."

What do you think of her?
My friends would ask
As they looked at the girls in Sports Illustrated.
‘Absolutely nothing’
I would say in a voice so quiet
That only God or the devil could hear.

‘But you are gay, aren’t you’
I would scream as I
looked at myself in the car mirror.
‘No. It can’t be true’
The man in the mirror
Would reply.

Take away my rights
Win without a fight
End it before it began
Relief for every man
Do you wish I'd never been born?
Why do you wish I'd never been born?
Why will you not see that
Yes, I should have been born
Yes, I should have been born
And now, I shall live.

Darkness obliterates light
Ignorance takes away sight
Tenderness is no more
Rotten to the core
And yes, I should have been born
Yes, I should have been born

Never questioning the source,
Overwhelmed by the force
Convinced you know the answer -
Even I don't know the answer
But yes, I should have been born
Yes, I should have been born

Caught up in the wonder.
Struck down by the thunder
I am not afraid
for someone else has paid
So yes, I should have been born
Yes, I should have been born

Confusion is nothing new
I am nothing new
I am not the unexplained
I am not a soul detained
Yes, I should have been born
Yes, I should have been born

They were just two men

Two men in love

Leading a fairly ordinary life

And all they asked for

Was the same visiting rights

The same inheritance rights

The same next of kin rights

The same human rights

And they didn't go insane

Or beat each other up

Or catch AIDS and die

Here's a thing

Two men met

And fell in love

And they lived together

Both as men (not one butch, one fem)

For many years

Fairyland paradise, fairyland hell
You'll always remember the day you fell
Into a world of glory,
World of pain
Love it, loathe it
One things for certain
You'll never be the same.

Not anywhere, not everyhow
Many still and hiding now
But come with me and take my hand
You will be free in fairyland.

I am 15
and I know
that if I just say
that I am healed
no-one will know that I am gay

I go to church
and I know
that if I just say
the Holy Spirit took my guilt away
no-one will know that I am gay

Dear Mum & Dad...

I am writing to tell you something

I have wanted to tell you for a while

I'm... you know.

You probably already knew

From the lack of girlfriends and dates altogether.

It was probably obvious to you that

I'm... you know.

There is more to life than this.
There is more to us than this.
This is just a tiny part
of a great big world.
There's more to life than this.
There's more to us than this.

Surely, there is more to life than this!

Underwear fetish, gagged and bound
True confessions, forced to go down
Prison jerking, army boys
Fraternity showers, sexual toys

Please, there must be more to life than this

Horny devils, skinhead tops,
Black and beautiful, force fed cock
Members only, watersports
Rough and ready like daddy taught

There must be more to life than this

Ultra hardcore, triple X
Hot and horny, real life sex
Big hunky men, smooth young guys
Teenage gang bang, rock hard thighs