sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

(I'm ready, but it, but it, feels that's harder,
This is not a love song
And i can't escape
You gotta come my love
I'm a prisoner for you i surrender
I surrender
I surrender my love
I surrender
I surrender my heart

Let us dance to forget
It's the sound of letting go.
So run baby run run run ...
Shakin from the bottom to the top
It's complicated
It always is
That's just the way it goes
It gets stuck on repeat, repeat, repeat
Gets stuck on repeat, repeat, repeat
People come and people go
But your touch cuts me deeper
I think my heart stopped beating, uhh
Cos I need you to look into mine
Nobody loves me like you
Nobody loves me
I may be wrong, I may be right
I may never see the light
But you can never take away my freedom
Love don't let me go
(Don't let me go)
Can't hear you baby
Hey hey what you say?
Say i am a .. vision

It's The Way You Love Me

In love with myself
I've been fragile for a long time
A big old hole inside my heart

Let's go...

I wanna go to Ibiza (let's go)

I'm hoping that maybe you can let me in

A-a-a-b-b-b-c-c-d-d-e-e F Me!

How soon is now?
Get up !
Don't again back on your feet !
To get up
Don't let nobody break you down !
Im Gon' Be your lover

When will they notice?
Why they don't hear?

I'm here, I'm here to be
Exactly what you need of me, please do
Please let me do, all the things you want me to

Don't be afraid !
A little distortion in my left ear
A little distortion tell me can't you hear
Can you hear us?
You know I know how
Choose, you wanna make me choose
You got to show me something now
Why should I be with you ?!

Can't U Feel The Change?
Baby when the lights go out
I hear you calling (I hear you calling)
Baby when the lights go out
I need you

Atomic Food
I'm hurting deep inside
And it's like that always
The passion was not ours to keep (to keep)