sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

your the moron for liking this shit

You're the only brit that thinks like that. Moron.

talent knows NO bounds

Thanks for posting

is a god

theres a kinda madness in the eyes, rofl.


sooo fucking hilarious!!!

HAHAHAHAHA, you can put that on a salad too!

Indian Viagra

Never a dull moment

"I like playing men...coz I get to wear a penis"

State of the Union

Yet again, brilliant!

Queen of England

It's good to see some

It may not be perfect

prune-face expression

absolute shite

Well said!!

"You're the only one working, all the rest of us have to show our tits! Please give me a job! Please!" LOL

The Cream Of The Crop

was so true for me

They Don't Know

lush 0001

Nigels big bone

Cock cumming

Paja En El Bus ....

Show It ....

Spy Cam ....

On His Knees ....


Home Invasion

Ralph gets Double Fucked