sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

Meet him on the train one day
(Ohh Yeah Let's Go)

Is it, I loose my cool, every once in a blue moon
Are you ready? (Born Ready)
I hate you so much right now

I Don't Think So
I don't care what you say
I don't play the same games you play.
Lick some... get you lickin' again
Help me, help me
Help me, help me

You know
I saw it coming

Try me cause I'd be
The one that makes you happy
What! What! What! What!
What! What! What! What!
Freak me slow
Freak me slow
I want you to freak me slow
Oh baby, you're the finest, the finest, i've seen

Keep in mind boy
It's easy come and easy go
Let me tell you what love is
It's when you meet each other halfway
I'm en route
What is this I see (No)
It was this way
It was kiss me

no reason just seems so pleasing
You don't have to love me
You don't even have to like me
But you will respect me
You know why??
Cause I´m bossy
Never run from nothin' when i come thru

I need attention
from you
it's just the little things we do
pay attention, it's on you

I know that you ain't crazy

Hot damn, boy i'll take you shopping

Didn't think I needed you
What you get is what you see

Two o' clock, I'm all alone
Free up your mind
Ooohh, all right