sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012

Won't that be long

In my life I dream about you
I'm seeing, I've been clearer

Nothing more than you can touch now
Your lips close to my lips

That´s all there is
Nothing more than you can feel now
That´s all there is

I´ll take you to the highest mountain
To the depths of the deepest sea
We won´t need a map, believe me

These open doors
These open doors
When I look inside I see where we are
There's a hopeless place inside my heart

I watched your dreams all slip away
Like the hopeless time you gave to me

Like the whispering wind you sent to me
you must whip it
when something's going wrong
you must whip it

Where were you when I was lonesome?
I don't know them. but i am very curious. can you dig

No one can stop us now
Wait for me
Don't nobody know my troubles but God

there's nothing left here

Now that the sky is empty,
And that is nothing new.