segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Fernando de Cachoeira, Minas Gerais.
Obrigado pelas palavras carinhosas. Sou português, amo a minha pátria, mas também amo a minha (nossa) língua. Se existe uma coisa que me orgulha como português é o facto de termos criado essa linda nação que é o Brasil.
E os brasileiros são uma delicia, (sei do que falo LOL).
Para mim são todos irmãos. Nós e os Angolanos, os Cabo-Verdianos, os Moçambicanos. os Guineenses, os São Tomenses, os Goeses, os Timorenses, os Macaenses, conosco Brasileiros e Portugueses somos essa grande nação de irmãos, que é a língua portuguesa.
Bem hajam todos.

Grande abraço deste teu irmão português.

I think it's amazing too 

a good vibe comes out of it

OH.OHHH.Dont let the cons go down on me.Do me in the butt before you go go.

Thank you for such fun and happiness.

Please don't retire again.



Kissing A Fool

i would give my right arm to be able to be like this


One More Try

is timeless

Praying For Time

 feel the same way. I am who I am and im tired of trying to be what everyone wants be to me. Im not gay but I understand what he was really saying here. Everyone wants you to accept them but they dont want to accept you.

don't care if he's gay. if i can't have him at least no other woman can!

Damn he is so sexy!

this is definitely one of his best.

An Easier Affair


Too Funky

haha, you're nuts :D

beautiful man

Don't think about that part. You can dream(fantasize) you changed him. I always thought he was handsome/cute

He is so sexy 

One of the sexiest 

So hansom - so maskuline. Still can´t believe he is homosexual. Too bad girls ;-)

Father Figure


I'm about to have a heart attack.

you'll find some folks with some extra respect!

Es increíble !!!!


delighted me thousands of times.

A dream of mine for so many years now: meet this 

I Say A Little Prayer

turned up the heat!!! What do you think? 

Brings back sooooooo many memories!!!!

Wish this era wasn't over