quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

the most gorgeous


I assume you're here because you like to see hot


taking a dip


Hung amateur-street guys

Have you ever found yourself starring longingly at the latest hunk your brother has invited home?

takes advantage of Eric's ignorance of chess to control the game


Mason was browsing some internet porn last weekend

I went to the country side and ask them to do many things to make sure that went were to make

You like boys as good as girls?

Do huge, hairy, hunky cops get your juices flowing? Hope they do, because they never take no for an answer!


A life on the streets can be a choice of two lives, either a life of hustling or cruising.

Masculine, beefy, experienced older men get to action! They have years of fucking experience behind their hairy backs.

Their hair is graying but their sex appeal just keeps heating up.

for everything!


Do you want to

Miranda do Douro

Brad Slater's hunger for dick continues

Rodrigis is a Figian-Australian from the islands in the Pacific and he has just begun training in Ju-Jitsu and enjoys training in the gym.

No doubt Lucky Chrebet is a real bottom guy! The pleasure is incontestably on his face when a big condomless cock fucks his arse! It’s good to see a guy like that, cuz honest pleasure gives a lot of energy for everyone!

macho energy

Diego Ramirez is one of those guys who seems all sweet and innocent when you meet him, but lets out his wild side when he strips down and pounds his meat for you.


Sex Parties and more can be found

It may be getting late at the surgery but Dr RIchard always seems to find time to fit in a Men patient

With a single

As an estate agent, Jed gets to meet a lot of succesful clients in search of their dream city pad

First Time Gay


a whole new level of sophistication

The mysterious Q returns, umasked for the world to see.

the destination for online gay porn!

quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009

Writing about gays and lesbians in the context of portuguese

Pau de cabinda



No percurso entre as praças do Marquês de Pombal e a do Rossio, em Lisboa, registaram-se, ontem à tarde, três intensas fontes de calor: o sol

gays portugueses – que andam em ânsias

I am Gay

Chico gay Portugues



Ricardo Quaresma mais sexy que Cristiano Ronaldo, dizem os gays Portugueses