sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

There is no shortage

Não vou tentar ensinar

como encantar

This is the stunningly


just a random

It's that time of year again when the calendars are on sale
Can I hold?

Just a quick post

We hope you enjoy!

proof that hitting the gym can produce the kind of body that many of us long for but often fail to achieve.

first choice.

to pump out

fine looking fit dudes.

hunk and check

Hi guys, if you regularly visit this blog or even if your just passing


I would share with you guys.

The new Gods

Here is the full list

Forever Man

I think he has the perfect back and beautiful muscle tone all over!

I have to say he has the looks and the body to go a long way!

A few more sporting

There's nothing like a tight pair of Speedos

This is the type

Hi guys

had a variety of different looks

guys who like to work outhard…

If i have to be honest

Are you a lover or a fighter?

looking too hot to handle...

I have no idea who this male

very hot looking male

If there's a more attractive item of clothing for a fit guy than swim wear then let me know!

There's no mistaking

Let's the music play- FunkStar de Luxe & Barry White

he is one of the favorites

You never know what treats lie in store when you visit the gym...

Blast from the past!

I don’t want to be just

Cantigas de Amor

Did I mention he's hot?

if you would take a look!

you never go back!

Sex Hound

can't keep his clothes on