sábado, 20 de julho de 2013

Stupid people are hardly noticed but easily found.

I let some blind guy borrow money the other day. He said he was gonna pay me back the next time he saw me. Wait.

If aliens come down to earth looking for intelligent life. Wrong planet. Sorry.

Once upon a time, every person on earth were extremely intelligent, then the TV was invented.

We are all stupid, the only difference is the degree of our stupidity.

Someone asked me where I was born, I said the local hospital!

It is a basic human right to be as safe in any building, during an earthquake, as when standing in the middle of an open football field.

I think war is a dangerous place.
- George W. Bush

I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don’t always agree with them.
- George Bush

It has come to my attention, that air pollution is polluting the air!
- George W. Bush

You’re stupid if you think that you’re smart.