domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

We're gonna be
Keeping the mystery alive

You light up the night when you're with me,
feel the passion rise within me.

You loved me like I've never been,
I prayed every moment it would last forever.

Last night I really believed
that your body and soul controlled the heavens.

It's a physical thing when you're with me,
it's a spiritual flame you give me.
Something happened to me, such a beautiful feeling can't be wrong. 
Last night I finally realized what I've been searching for so long.
This could be the last time
Maybe the last time
I don't know
Oh no
I've told you once and I've told you twice
Like some kind of miracle's happening
sweet loving

Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived before you came my way.
Now I'm addicted to your kiss
I can't explain this state I'm in
guess I must be lerning.

You won't kill me
But I look into your eyes
And I wonder sometimes

There's such a sad love
Deep in your eyes.
And I say to myself
I've got it wrong, wrong, wrong
In our madness
We burnt one hundred days
Don't set me free, I'm as heavy as can be
Don't bother me, leave me alone
Anyway I'm almost grown
There's no room for anger, we're all very small

I wish I was smarter
I got so lost on the shore
How can I help you?

I demand a better future