terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2009

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Most people tend to dislike early morning shifts but when you see what Rick Bauer gets up to before he sets off to work in the morning, you are sure to change your mind.

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Wade’s plans for a date with his girlfriend are derailed when Jack informs him they’re pulling an all-nighter. He isn’t about to let some files be his cock blocker, so he becomes a cock-sucker to blow off his work load.

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when Kyle catches his mate having a flick through a wank mag and he can't take his eyes off Matt's massive dick. Matt forces him to his knees and pushes his fat cock into Kyle's eager mouth, rippling the foreskin back and forth before plunging it balls deep in Kyke's, hot, hairy arse.

Have you ever found yourself starring longingly at the latest hunk your brother has invited home.

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