quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Well the truth may need some


Stories to be told

And plain to see the facts are changing

No meaning left to hold

Keep feeling fascination

Passion burning

Love so strong

Keep feeling fascination

Looking learning

Moving on

And so the conversation turned

Until the sun went down

And many fantasies were learned

On that day

Don't, don't you want me?

You know i can't believe it when i hear that you won't see me

Don't, don't you want me?

You know i don't believe you when you say that you don't need me

It's much too late to find

You think you've changed your mind

You'd better change it back or we will both be sorry

I believe, i believe what the old man said

Though i know that there's no lord above

I believe in me, i believe in you

And you know i believe in love

I believe in truth though i lie a lot

I feel the pain from the push and shove

No matter what you put me through

I'll still believe in love

And i say

I love your love action

Lust's just a distraction

No talking, just looking

Watching your love action

I've had my hard times in the past

I've been a husband and a lover too

I've lain alone and cried at night

Over what love made me do

And the loved ones who let me down

And couldn't share my point of view

But this is Phil talking

I want to tell you

What i've found to be true

When you're in love

You know you're in love

No matter what you try to do

You might as well resign yourself

To what you're going through

If you're a hard man or if you're a child

It still might get to you

Don't kid yourself you've seen it all before

A million mouths have said that too

I'd like to leave so would you kindly look the other way

You tell me to be honest but i've nothing left to say

Just like your feet my goddess, my brain has turned to clay

An end to all resistance

Run all day, run all night

Do or die, do or die

Got to run for your life

Do or die, do or die

Alsatians fall unconscious at the shadow of your call

One glance from your direction and the government will fall

Whole continents of misery don't bother you at all

But for me you have persistence

Those cocky little fires you started in the night

The independent claims that just meant "hold me tight"

The bruises on your body that you swore were from a fight

I'll pass at your insistence

Being an island

Shying from trying

Seems the easy way

Such an easy way

But there's no future

Without tears

Lies the reason

Faith or treason

Playing a part

End concealing

Try revealing

Open your heart

Dare to feel

Take the chance

Make the deal

And so you stand here

With the years ahead

Potentially calling

With open heart

Or with a spirit dead

You walk on

And when it hurts you know

They love to tell you

How they warned you

They say "don't be surprised

At someone's lies"

They think they taunt you

But if you can stand the test

You know your worst is better

Than their best