terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

Oh, we came undone
We came untied, we came untied
Need the love object
To reciprocate

Why can't you take a time out

For I'm sure to bring double
Sure to bring double
I did the best I could
I learned to sacrifice
I've got to make it work

Each man must stand alone
Walk alone along a road of his own making
Can't turn your back

Keeps going on

If that's the brakes it really hurts when you kick it yourself
Why the long face, baby?

(If we're in love)
(If we're in love)
(If we're in love)

(If we're in love)
(If we're in love we should)
(If we're in love we should make love)

But I could still open up
Just like a beautiful orchid

Under the influence
Under your spell

Too afraid to say it
I wouldn't want to embarrass myself
Telling everybody the truth

To stay awake
You take a pill

He's asking if I'm sitting pretty
Waiting patiently