domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2012

And I think I'm going mad
One and all
The harder they come
The harder they fall
One and all

Please allow me to introduce myself

Let's go
Suck on the jugular

Something happened to me yesterday
Something I can't speak of right away
Something happened to me
Something oh so groovy
Some things just stick in your mind

I can drive you fast
I can drive you slow
Put me on the hot seat
I've got no sense control
Let's drink to the salt of the earth

Oh, now, baby, won't you hear me sing.

Honey, I ain't accustomed to lose
If I want somethin' bad
I always find a way to get thru
Oh what pleasant company
Leave me alone, leave me alone, baby
Well I'm sick and tired of you keep on chasing me
But laugh, laugh, laugh
I nearly died
You love him more when you should love him less.

I know ev'rybody wants to be your man
Well I'm a king bee

Who's fooling who
It's over and you've had all your getting from me
Cause I'd much rather be with the boys
So tell me why should it be true, that I get a kick out of you?
Why do you hide, baby, why do you hide your love?
'Cos I had it I had it I had it with you
I had it I had it I had it with you
God gave me everything I want
Come on
I'll give it all to you
So give me your hand, I'll hold it tight

You're a fool to cry
And it makes me wonder why
Don't you know promises were never made to keep?

When you're down in the hole?
Well, you know I could never be alone
´cause you´re a dangerous, dangerous
A dangerous beauty
C'mon baby, cry to me

Can I get a witness (can I get a witness)
I want a witness (can I get a witness)
I want a witness (can I get a witness)
Somebody (can I get a witness)
Can you break the spell

Then blue turns to grey

Blinded by rainbows