domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

You know you'll always be my man

You'll never be free
You'll never be free
Bend me, break me
Like an animal you're moving over me
Things don't have to be this way

Searchin' for fun
Where do you go?

Tried everything I know, oh...
To make you want to love me so, oh...
The only thing you do, oh...
Is try to put the hurt on me, oh...

I just don't care anymore
C'mon baby, can you bleed like me?

You’re not alone
What a joke,
But do you hear me laughin’?
It's guys like you, baby,
That give the boys a bad name

I've got a fever, come check it and see
Nothing that you say will release you
Nobody wants to be alone

You don't know what it takes
You're an alien sex fiend
You've got to learn to love yourself

You came to me

The harder you hit,
The harder you fall.

I would die for you
Where it stops nobody knows

I heat up, I can't cool down