sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

Whenever I call you friend
I begin to think I understand
Anything we are
You and I have always been ever and ever

I see myself within your eyes
And that's all I need to show me why
Everything I do, always takes me home to you
Ever and ever

I Can See You Baby (I Can See You Runnin') All the Way Back Home

A Wound Gets Worse When It's Treated With Neglect

Come on it's time to go upstairs 

No Spoken Word
No Small Command

Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
Maybe This Time

Someday's Lonely Is Not Only
A Word, But Faces I Have Known
And If You See Me, Could You Free Me
With a Smile, So I Can Let Go

Ah, It's Only Love
Ah, It's Only Love
Ah, If Only Love Comes Around Again
It Will Have Been
Worth the Ride

And in Every Morning When We Arise
I See My Reflection in Your Eyes

I Know What You're Dreaming When You Sleep

But If I Were You
I Would Take the Love I'm Giving to You
Oh If I Were You

if you ever did belive for my sake
if you ever did belive

Outside my door the rain is falling
A cold, wild wind will come
Well there's someone for me somewhere
But I still miss that one

You Say I Have Everything
Well I'm Living On Dreams and Chains
But I Sing For the Things Money Can't Buy
You Say You Don't Believe
Well Could You Just Look At Me
Look Deep Into My Eyes My Love
Well Have You Ever Been in Love
Have You Touched the Soul of Someone
Did the Fear Inside You Make You Turn and Run
I'll Take Off My Cape For You
I'll Take Down My Hair For You
Anything You Want Me to Do My Love
Well, I'll Sit Home and Wait For You
Oh Darling There's Nothing That I'd Rather Do
Anything You Want Me to Do My Love
Make You Turn and Run Away From Me
Oh, He Said Anything Baby

There's no Pain and There's no Doubt
It Was Easy to Say
I Believed in You Everyday
If Not For Me
Then Do It For the World

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You ?

The ghost is gone

I got to love, I rode the rails

I look at you and I start to cry
What you did was…
You saved my life
I won't forget it

Everybody loves you
But you're so alone
Everybody knows your name
But you can't find your way home
No one really knows you
I'm the only one

It's gonna kill me if you break my heart

Baby, baby don't treat me so bad

But i covered my tears
Silent all day

And it's alright, baby i'm doing the best that i can

Say you needed someone to depend on

I can hear you call my name 

I can sing, I want you honey 

No, oh no, who have you been with?

No one walks away from this battle