quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

Operate around the clock,

Why don't you come in?

I've got lot's of space for everyone,

Why don't you my friend?

Pull up, to it, don't drive, through it,

Back it, up twice, now that, fit's nice.

Pull up to my bumper baby,

In your long black limosine,

Pull up to my bumper baby,

And drive it in between.

Now in the parking lot garage,

You'll find the proper place,

Just follow all the written rules,

You'll fit into the space.

Driving down those city streets,

Waiting to get down,

Won't you get your big machine,

Somewhere in this town?

Late that night i park my car,

Stake my place in the singles bar,

Face to face, toe to toe,

Heart to heart as we hit the floor,

Love is the drug

Love is the drug for me,

Showing out, showing out, hit and run,

Boy meets boy and the beat goes on,

Stitched up tight, can

Love is the drug, got a hook on me,

Aggravated - spare for days,

Stroll downtown the red light place,

Jump up bubble up - what

Love is the drug and i need to score,

To wait for the bell to ring,

The toll of the bell,

Someone outstanding,


It's maybe that i'm dreaming,

Can't say they i've seen him,

Somehow, i just got to find.

He'll understand,

Oh, what i'm feelin' deep inside me,

Knowing that at last he's gone.

Can somebody tell me,

Say to me, or sell me,

Why i'm feelin' lonely, oh

Oh well,

Gettin' tired of lookin',

Wastin' all my cookin,

Ending in a dreadful row.

He'll understand,

Oh, what i'm feelin' deep inside me,

Knowing that at last he's gone.

And then i won't be feelin' lonely,

Knowing i'm the only one.

Well, i'm underestimated,

Highly underated,

Can there be another way?

Say that you will find him,

Creeping up behind him,

Moving round' the town all day.

I need a man, perhaps a man like you,

I need a man, to make my dreams come true

Take me out'a dieing,

Watch me while i'm flyin',

Baby, it's a waste of time.

When i'm feelin' lonely,

Someone telephone me,

It's gettin' hard to pass my time.

It really doesn't matter wherever i may go,

We're tied together, that's one thing we both know, yo!

Why waste it thinkin about it? taste it,

Don't waste it thinkin about it, taste it,

More and more we are together, tryin to discover,

I see a flicker in your eye, are you lookin for somethin better?

You once told me lying on the ground, but keep goin up and down, yo!

I'm not perfect, but i'm perfect for you,

Now i'm right on time,

I'm not perfect, but i'm perfect for you,

I feel right on time,

Had we met at a different time we'd be perfect for each other,

Now were spending all our time, in this world come together,

My heart is aching, from all the love your giving,

Were not faking, is this the life were living?

Way deep in the night, the voice of love is calling,

(so) clear is the darkness, that reflects your face,

Born out of love, locked in desire,

The heat from your fire, seduction,

Cries fill the dark, i feel your embrace,

Losing control, surrender!

I know, that i'll go wherever he needs me because,

I'm sure that he knows that love is, love is the tie binds,

I'll know, i'll go, i'm sure he needs me and that i'll go.

When you found a way, love will stay from then until forever more,

Just take the hand of your man, that's all you need to understand,

The rules of love, are way beyond ordinary man.

Oh i know that old rules are not the tools for a modern world,

Sign love on the line, sign love on the line

Marriage of the heart, marriage of the heart, no written page could tear us apart.

I know, i'll know whenever he needs me because,

I am sure that he knows that love is, love is the tie that binds,

Clear enough, so take my hand, our love is here to stay,

Love's insecure, yet we are sure, we don't need the paper play,

No book or rule should ever use emotion for a tool.