sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Can I?
Can I?

In the ones you love
In the ones who love you
Your hearts reflection comes shining through
Brighter than the sun
Stronger than you knew
In the ones you love
In the ones who love you

If you're not gonna love me right
Baby don't love me at all
You're just gonna make me crazy

It's so hard to forget the last time we met

I wouldn't change his funny, funny ways

I heard the bells on Christmas Day

I Cried For You (Now It's Your Turn To Cry Over Me)

I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel For You

I am me
Good or bad
I am myself
I'm no carbon copy of no one else
Right or wrong
I will stand up like a tree
Happy or sad
Good or bad
I am me
I am me

Just say
I ain't been licked
I ain't been licked
I ain't been licked
Tell 'em for me
I ain't been licked

Hope is an open window
Love an open door

Gotta be, gotta be free

Goodmorning heartache, what's new?

I'm getting ready for love

Free, watch me fly

You're the number one
You're the only one I need
If you don't want my love
Then set me free

Two hearts that beat as one

Don't knock my love

Don't give up, give up on each other

Dirty looks
You're giving them to me again

How do you live with a broken heart

This thing called love I just can't handle it

Gotta find my corner of the sky

Your kiss sends a message
And I detect the signs

Can't take my eyes of you

Can't it wait until tomorrow

Can't get started with you