segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

Back at all,
Back at all

All over my head
I think I'm in

But I'm just an ordinary man
I'm doing everything I can

Mama, Mama, I keep having nightmares.

My heart is calling
Say you will answer me

Modern love is automatic,
Modern love is automatic.

You feel the thunder
Then you're under the spell
In your side

You can forget all your worries
Get all your things

I couldn't get away

Yeah, it really smells

Then I'll have to tell you
What you mean to me (I didn't did I)
What I need
I don't breathe to ask

Well it seems I've
Finally thought of everything
I wanna love
I wanna feel

I wish I was

Thinking of the future,
Living in the past

What happened to the wings that used to search the sky?