domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

And and and and and and and and and

You don't stop

Put it back together

We are closer now than ever

Time they say, is the great healer

If one kiss led to another, baby

I'm moving - I'm coming

We've come a long long way together

We went to go see the sun go down on

Where do we go? Michael

My masochistic baby went and left me

I like to dream

Oh, don't you wanna save me

Ya'll ready?

Druggy, druggy, druggy, druggy 
Druggy, druggy, druggy, druggy

My eyes, that cannot see
Other guys that are cuter
And my ears that cannot hear
My friends say i should walk away

But see, I need a little more volume, you know what I'm sayin'

That's right, don't be lookin' at me like that

I would die for you, yeah
Darling if you want me too

[People in background chatting]

Going out of my mind

Give po' man a break

We got to
We got to 
We got to 
We got to

Check It Out Now

fucking in heaven

Follow me, Follow me, I got the keys

Check this out
This out
This out
This out
This out
This out
This out
This out
This out
This out

Everybody Loves a Filter
Everybody needs love!

Drop the hate!
Forgive each other!

And the sign said long haired,freaky people need not apply