domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Cos The remedy for all my pains is jus 1 kiss

At the moment I looked into your eyes
I knew I wanted more

I am reborn I'm
Def not dumb
Lest you forget

Where`s your head at...

It's just my way of looking at things

Walking In The Clouds
Don't know if this world is where I want to be

But you don't know nothing bout me
can't stop me, can't stop me, Can't stop me
you can't stop me

This place never changes, it just stays the same
So take me home

(Come on, let's go)

Stop 4 Love

Stay close to me

But maybe we were living in
Smoke Bubbles
All my friends keep telling me, she's no good
She's no good, she's no good, she's no good
All I got, all I got
Is my scars

You see him, he's so dusty

you used to be my romeo