sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

keep it in my mind
and when that's looking we'll find
Somethings are so intense
Leave me weak tonight

After all is said and done
One and one still is one
Jeg har ingenting
Men jeg har alt
Nar jeg har deg.

I found a lover for the first time in my life,
you took me out of the wilderness

lost in
But there's a way (mmmmm there's a way)
if you want my love
if you want my love
if you want my love
if you want my love

I'm Comin' (To Take You Away)

your arms are always open wide
and your quick to forgive

Stay with me..
As my heart surrenders
Comfort me..
As I fall I cry..

Get back

Back to you
(now I'm) on my way

When i take flight

I know you want me!

It's complicated
(loving this way)
Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams..
all the castles in the sky.

If only up to me
I'd rush it out sea
bound to take us