domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Quero tudo o que é teu
Tu queres tudo o que é meu
Mesmo aquilo que eu não mostrar
Quero mais do que a lua
Talvez tudo o que existe
E o que espreita sem ter lugar

Enquanto vergo, não parto
Enquanto choro, não seco
Enquanto vivo, não corro
À procura do que é certo

Progressive Attack

But I have to say
Since you came my way
Everything's alright

You really got
You really got something

Bass Beat and Melody


Keep it coming
Don't you stop loving
I'm high
Tripping on your love

Heat of the flame 
That burns in your name 
Got to got to got to believe it 
Angel of love 
Descend from above 
Come on and shine your light on me

Only your love 
Can free me 
Only your love 
Can ease me 
Only your love 
I need it 
Only your love 
Never let me go 

We all need somebody 
You know I need somebody 
No one has to feel alone 
We all need some love 
You know I need your love 
To break these chains around my soul

Angel divine 
With you by my side 
I can do anything I want to 
I'll sacrifice 
For you I'd lay down my life 
'Cause I was alone without you

Won't you move in my direction, I’ll show you where to go
Won't you move in my direction?

Move in my direction, I’ll show you where to go
Won't you move in my direction?
Real slow

it's more than physical. . . .
I'm waiting anticipating

I've been watching you

The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His C O 

I'm waiting anticipating
it's more than physical.
I can't disguise it
I'm so excited
hey boy.

I've got what you want
so don't hold back.
Hey boy
so come and get it
let's have some fun

There's a lesson
And a price you have to pay
If you give your heart
Dont let it be betrayed

What a fool
That I should ever believe
In love, truth and honesty
All the time
You just keep on hurting me

I never questioned
The promises you made
Every time I gave my heart
I was betrayed

Never trust your own emotions
They'll always let you down
And the one that's closest to you
May not always be around

One and one make five

Only you can set me free
'Cause I'm guilty (Guilty)
Guilty as a gun can be
Come on baby can't you see
I'm still accused
Of love in the first degree

we had a love most people never know.
before you break my heart.

This room is full of memories
and shadows of the last remind me
Of all the love I gave in vain
and all the hurt I fee inside me.

(That's The Way Life Is)

If you walk away you'll regret it someday

I want you back
don't care what I have to do
I want you back

But should I give you a second chance
I'm too afraid.
So you realize what hurt you made and the love you threw away

Now it seems they're telling me
you've changed your wicket ways

I could have saved a broken heart if I found out long ago.
I'm iust thinking about those lonely nights
when I waited for your call


Move your body close tonight

I'm waiting
can't get enough
so move your body close

Whatever you need from me
gonna let you get your woy.

I can't help it
I'm captivated by your honey

A different point of view

I'm crazy
I'm burning up

One More Chance

I'm hungry for your sweet love
I need you here tonight

Whatever you want you got
'cause you knock me off my feet.

Sugar's sweet
but your kisses can't be beat

I don't know what you want 

He was really sayin' somethin' 

It's a cruel, cruel summer
Leaving me here on my own
It's a cruel, cruel summer
Now you're gone



In The Dark