quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

The room has suddenly grown cold

And outside in the street it's raining

You packed your bags and said good-bye

You took my heart without explaining.

Move your body close tonight

I'm waiting

Can't get enough

So move your body close

I need youI won't give up

You've tasted honey

You've had the rest

Well, here I am

Come on and try the best

No chance (no chance)

Won't let you get away (no way)

Whatever you need from me

Gonna let you get your way

I can't help it

I'm captivated by your honey

I'm hungry for your sweet love

I need you here tonight

I'm crazy

I'm burning up

Sugar's sweet

But your kisses can't be beat

Whatever you got

It's good enough for me

Boys say (they say)

I'm good enough to eat (manger)

Whatever you want you got

'cause you knock me off my feet

The hours passed so slowly

Since they've thrown away the key

Can't you see that I'm lonely

Won't you help me be

Someday I'm believing

You will come to my rescue

Unchain the heart your keepin'

Let me start a new

Only you can set me free

'Cause I'm guilty (Guilty)

Guilty as a men can be

Come on baby can't you see

I stand accused

Of love in the first degree

And the judge and the jury

They all put the blame on me (the blame on me)

They wouldn't go for my story

They wouldn't to hear my plea

Last night I was dreaming

I was locked in a prison cell

When I woke up I was screaming

Calling out your name

Now it seems they're telling me

You've changed your wicked ways

But should I give you a second chance

Baby I'm too afraid.

So you realize what hurt you made

And the love you threw away

How can I forgive or soon forget

It's never gonna be the same.

I heard a rumour (I heard a rumour)

They say you got a broken heart (I heard)

I heard a rumour. (Yes I did )

Who needs friends who never show

I'll tell you what you want to know

I could have saved a broken heart if

I found out long ago.

I'm just thinking about those lonely nights

When I waited for your call'

Til I found out all my friends were right

I didn't know you at all.

My weapons were my crystal eyes

Making every man a man

Black as the dark night I was

Got what no-one else had

He's got it
Yeah, baby, He's got it
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire
Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire

God on the mountain top

Burning like a silver flame

The summit of beauty and love

And Venus was his name


Effi Dubois from Mutzenbacher