segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2012

Thrill me - You've got a love so strong
Thrill me - You really turn me on
Thrill me - Wait till tomorrow night
Thrill me - I'm gonna treat you right
You know that I will love you
Loving you has smiled on the face of a lonely man

What do I think of it
Oh it's so so

But, if it's not asking too much,
Please send me someone to love.
Ok I'm crazy but maybe,
I hope that turning the page somehow,
Reveals a note that will claim you forever
It's a drug that brings you pleasure and pain
It's a love that leaves you crying in the rain

Money in my pocket but i just can't get no love

Look at you now
Look at you now

Don't be afraid to touch me babe

Get to me the sooner or later.

No more lonely nights
No more ugly fights

Now good times you've done me wrong, so wrong
I will always love you
And I love the thought of coming home to you

Every time we say goodbye I die a little
You'd better come on in my kitchen
I need you, I need you in my life

Now I am a broken Man, Now I am a broken Man
Now I am a broken Man, Now I am a broken Man

That I´d always be beside you

This is your God