quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Me And My Big Ideas

Maybe our days are numbered
Maybe I want you back
Maybe these words are empty
Maybe I don't mind if you see someone else
Ah, are we going against the grain again
Ah, are we growing up against the grain
You're building those walls around you
I no longer see the light that shined so bright
You build but you can't afford to
So I ask if I can stay with you tonight
Ah, are we going against the grain again
Ah, are we growing up against

Don't cry for me my baby
Don't say a word
Everyone knows you're a dangerous bird
You're dreaming your life away
Fish out of water
Go swim in the tide today
Fish out of water

Everybody loves a happy ending

Closest thing to heaven
How do you do it?
We are broken

I will shine a blinding light
When we gonna make it work ?
Heaven hide your eyes
Heaven's eyes will never dry

Look at my bright eyes
Staring at this beauty
Still I've got too much
Still I don't want what I've got
Hey, mister
Say something
Di nuovo giorno ed è tutto come prima
I hear you calling
I hear you ... calling calling calling calling
I can hear you when you go away

Lovers' arms without occasion
You could take me where you want
Could you take me all the time
I am ready for
Something I've been waiting for

Sometimes you have no choice
Sometimes you've got no voice to say
It takes time
To think about you
I pull my shirt off and pray
You were just in time
For a foolish deal ... a lover sold

Does Anybody Hear It?
Something wrong is painted on your face

We want to multiply, are you gonna do it?

Get 'em off me, get 'em off me