domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Oh I know that old rules are not the tools for a modern world,
Sign love on the line, sign love on the line.

Marriage of the heart, marriage of the heart, no written page
could tear us apart.

Don't give me a line,
Keep the lid on the bottle this time

I'm already too much for one man,
In love, you love, and love, 
love to be loved over and over again.

If I had two lips,
I could give you that killer kiss

Come taste my love baby,
Blood makes me hard to resist,
My soul burns like fire,
Kiss my hungry lips vampire!

Bite me babe, set my soul on fire!

Come live forever with me, or transpire

"Do you know what a vampire is?"

More and more we are together, tryin to discover,
I see a flicker in your eye, are you lookin for somethin better?

I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for you

Had we met at a different time we'd be perfect for each other,
Now were spending all our time, in this world come together,
My heart is aching, from all the love your giving,
Were not faking, is this the life were living?

Everybody hold still
Nobody gets hurt

I should've known when my car would not get started
It should've clicked when indecision read its question mark
If I'd ran back for the phone
But instead I let it ring
I wouldn't be in this mess I'm in right now.

Hey you, the night is cold,
Hey you, I'm all alone,
I need somebody to hold,
You're right, you're wrong

Hey you, standing in the (door?), 
Like you don't know where to go,
(Hey you), ain't got no money to spend, 
a dog wouldn't be your friend.

Give me that driving satisfaction,
I need your positive reaction

Don't lay there dead, c'mon boy get up!

I dont know why I'm laughing,
I'm burning from the flame,
I dont know why I'm laughing,
Theres a storm running through my veins.

I dont know why I'm laughing,
I'm still wet from the rain

It's time now to return the favor,
Cry now, laugh laugh later.

you won’t hear me laughing, as i terminate your day
you can’t trace my footsteps, as i walk the other way

Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate
your meat is sweet to me
your destiny
your fate
you’re my life support, your life is my sport

Finger on the trigger, ready to shoot, 
I'm kicking you out, not sharing my loot,
I'm locking all my closets, I'm closing my legs, 
No use for you to even stand there and beg.

Here is something you ought to know, 
you better pack up and you better go now,
Don't mess with me, no playing around, 
I'm going to stomp you straight in the. ground

I've got a bulletproof heart.

You want to shoot me down?

Amado mio, amame para siempre

Oh nobody does it the way I like this?
Mmmm....where are you from?

Let's bring it back to you and me
There's no one else around
I don't get lost in gravity

But when we stand united
Our hearts they beat in time
And I know we'll make it all allright

I know you're feeling restless
Like life's not on your side
It's weighing heavy on your mind

Come on baby, when will you see
That you and I were meant to be?
And now I've got my target on track
Baby, you should know that I'm so good at that

Love's about to change my heart

Ooh baby, back in love again
Ooh baby, next to you again
Ooh baby, in a crazy spin, love

oh yes we can, sure we can
sure we can, sure we can

And I've tried
Oh I've tried

A man like you, a man like you
could be my new begining
and get me on the winning side of
If I had you, a man like you
all the fairy tales I dreamed about
just a breath ago would all come
if I had you a man like you