terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2013

You really got a hold on me, baby.

I don't like you but I love you
No more tears left to cry
I have to forget you, all over again

You don't know, you don't know
When I get over you
I'm not gonna need a friend

You swear to god you're on the level

Try to save me
Oh don't betray me

Don't stop now, it's a work of art
Just when I'm saying the need for you is gone

I might not have it back

I'm a man, don't you forget it, I'm not a little kid
Someone always hates someone
Someone always buys a gun
Cos someone always hates someone

What can they do?
I've learnt to take it

I'd like my life to be simple
I need my life to be straight

When the world has let you down
Imperfection all around

Nobody told me what I had to do to make you happy