quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

And what will be will be ...
We're blind...
We're blind...
So blind in love.
You've got the cool water
When the fever runs high
I saw your picture
It made me sorry
For all the things I never said
It seems that you have cause to worry
It seems that you don't wish me well
Let your voice be heard

We made our connection
A full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining light
Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Take me to bed

Well I was lost until you came.

I spend my life gettin older

Love comes like a miracle...
We're lost
We're lost
We're lost
Is a place that I know well
It's the distance between us
And the space inside ourselves
And emptiness....
Live With Me, And Be My Love

I wish I had the wings to fly away
Have mercy
Have mercy on me.
Keep Young and Beautiful
It's your duty to be beautiful...
Keep young and beautiful
If you want to be loved!
And I remember you
I need you to really feel

I Can't Get Next To You
I tried and tried again
(Don't you know I tried and tried again
to make you listen to me
But everything I said it always seemed to go right through you)
To make you notice me
(I turned myself into a person that I didn't like
But please believe me when I say I know it wasn't right)
But talking to myself
(I never thought that things would
get to be so complicated
I never thought that you and me would end up o frustrated)
Won't catch you attention I see ...
(You'd think that something had to come from all those good intentions
But in the end I needed something more than intervention)
Honestly ... honestly ... honestly
Alone in my bed
The things that you said
Go round in my head ... still

The beauty that you gave
Has turned upon itself
And all the things you said
Evaporated ...
Have you ever heard the sound of disappointment?
Heaven is the home of the hearts

Oh come and take this pain away

See how I´m walkin´

I'm gonna put it all behind me
Like nothing ever happened between us
Nothing ever took place between

Sometimes I walk away