sábado, 30 de março de 2013

So now
Before I give you my love
I'll need a better excuse
To take that abuse again

Maybe then I'll have better luck
Before I surrender my love to you
Surrender my love to you?

We come together

Two sides to every story

You may already know where when and how
Blue as ice and desire
I´ve seen this thing before

Go insane and out of your mind
Smooth as silk cool as air
We love through the fighting of everyday life
Of glass that gets broken and cuts like a knife
No wonder, it's no wonder why I'm

Made up my mind and I made my plan

Baby I want you
First I was thinking that you're okay
Then I was thinking you're far away
Take your lover by the hand
Kisses hard
Kisses deep
A kiss to wake us from our sleep

falling we're falling

Love's touch comes to mean so much

What did I do wrong?