domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

And i wanted to run away yeah, i wanted to run away yeah
But i couldn't get that close, no i couldn't get that close

And i hope i get to see you on february the 14th

But obviously not
But later on by the sofa, i wanted to kiss you, i wanted to kiss you

And then i smiled, and then you smiled, and then i smiled
And i pretended i didn't understand just to capture your attention

they wouldn't let me hide
I had to sit back

Why did you fall for me?

I hear you call for me
But you're not there
You're just an echo
I climbed a wall
To touch your shadow
But god you're just electric blue
I am the captive
You took my light
I never needed anyone
Stay away, why couldn't you stay away
Do you remember what i said
That first time we met?

I knew you were no angel
But god, what did i do

You make it hard to breathe

You choke my throat
With words of wonder
I worry you're all alone